JAXN is an American rock musical experience that will leave you in search of the next performance. His powerhouse vocals tangle with a deeply-rooted grunge era and modern rock influences to create his exclusive, unforgettable sound. JAXN hones original craft influenced by artists such as Foo Fighters, MUSE, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Staind, Dave Matthews, Queen, and more. 

Customer Raves

​My Story

Virginia, United States

"He is exceptional! Probably one of the best that has ever played here!"

--  Seven Arrows Brewing Co.


"...he was absolutely amazing! He has such a strong presence and his voice is wonderful. My favorite was his rendition of Grave Digger by DMB - no lie, it was probably the best I've heard second to Dave himself..."

-- Uphill House B&B

"He literally killed it."

--  World of Beer (Charlottesville)